Investor FAQ

Adani related

  • Where is Adani Power incorporated?
  • When was Adani Power incorporated and stock first issued?
  • In which stock exchanges are Adani Power shares listed and what are the codes?
  • How long has Adani Power been listed/traded?
  • What is the history of bonus stocks given by Adani Power?
  • What is the history of stock split at Adani Power?
  • What is Adani Power share trading unit?
  • How can I buy Adani Power stock?
  • How can I get an update or ask questions about my shareholding and dividend?
  • Where can I obtain information on financial results of Adani Power?
  • How can I get a copy of the Annual Report?
  • I want to know more about the Group. Where can I find this information?
  • Whom can the investors contact, with respect to their questions or requests?
  • Who is the auditor of Adani Power?
  • What is the fiscal year of Adani Power?
  • Does Adani Power participate in broker-sponsored conferences?

Address change

  • How do I record a change in my address?
  • If the shares are in electronic mode, what is the procedure for recording change of address?
  • Can joint-holder(s) other than the first holder request for a change in address?
  • Can there be multiple addresses for a single folio?


  • What is dematerialisation?
  • How do I convert my paper certificates into an electronic holding?
  • How do I open an account with a Depository Participant (DP)?
  • How do I trade (buy/sell) in electronic form?
  • Will I be periodically informed about the movement in my electronic account?
  • At what frequency should I receive my transaction statement from DP?
  • What should I do if there are any discrepancies in transaction statement?
  • Can one open multiple accounts?
  • Do one needs to have any minimum balance of securities in his account?
  • Can an investor open a single account for securities owned in different ownership patterns such as securities owned individually and securities owned along with others?
  • Will I continue to receive corporate benefits after converting to electronic form?
  • How can I reconvert my electronic holding into paper form?


  • How can you make a nomination?
  • Who can make a nomination?
  • Can a shareholder nominate more than one person to hold shares jointly in the event of his demise?
  • Can a shareholder change his nomination?
  • How does Adani Power establish the identity of the nominee in case of death of the shareholder?
  • Can the shareholders holding shares jointly make a nomination?
  • What is the effect of death of one of the joint holders on nomination?
  • Can the surviving joint holder make a fresh nomination by revoking earlier nomination?
  • Can nomination be made in favour of a minor?
  • What will happen when a shareholder dies leaving a minor nominee?
  • Do further acquisitions of shares under a given Folio get covered by the nomination?
  • Can shareholders nominate a person for a part of their holdings?
  • Does a will by the shareholder override the nomination?
  • Can a nominee transfer the shares after the death of the shareholder?
  • Is the nominee entitled to dividend and other benefits before being registered as a member?
  • Can the nominee exercise voting rights before being registered as a member?
  • Can a Power of Attorney holder sign for the shareholder concerned appointing any person as nominee?
  • Does transmission of shares to nominees attract payment of share transfer stamps?
  • Whether the heirs of the nominee are entitled to the shares, if the nominee dies before the nominator?


  • What is the process of getting shares of Adani Power purchased by one, transferred in his name?
  • Where do I get share transfer stamps?
  • In case of gift of shares to one's near and dear, how should one proceed to get them registered in the books of Adani Power?
  • What procedure should be followed if one wants to add another joint-holder to his/her shareholding?
  • Why should I keep securities in joint names?
  • What procedure should be followed if a person who had purchased shares of Adani Power long time back, forgot to get them transferred in his name?
  • Are shares of Adani Power required to be traded compulsorily in demat form?
  • How do holders of shares in electronic form get their dividends?
  • Will a shareholder get the Annual Report after he gets his shares converted in demat form and would he be able to attend the AGM of Adani Power?
  • Whom should one approach in cases of any dispute in using a demat account?


  • I am the legal heir/executor in respect of the sole holder who is now deceased. How do I transmit the securities?
  • If the holding is in joint names and either of the holders is deceased, what is the procedure for deletion of name?
  • Along with the deletion of the deceased holder's name, can I add another joint holder?
  • How can legal heir(s) get the shares transmitted in their names if a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies without leaving a will?
  • If the deceased family member who held shares in his own name (single) had left a will, how do the legal heir(s) get the shares transmitted in their names?
  • I have already produced the attested/registered will. Since getting it probated would take a long time and money, can I avoid that procedure?
  • The name of a joint holder was included only for convenience by the first holder. I am the only heir. Could you transfer the shares in my name as per the will/probate?
  • What is the procedure for transmission of shares in favour of the nominee?


  • How do I apply for change of name?
  • Can I interchange the order of names for my holdings?
  • I have multiple folios, can I amalgamate the accounts?
  • I have certificates in various denominations, can these be consolidated into marketable lot/single certificate?
  • Over a period of time, my signature has changed, what should I do to change my specimen signature in your records?
  • What should I do if my share certificates are lost/stolen?
  • How do I collect the new certificates issued on Exchange/Sub-division for some companies that I have not collected earlier?
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