Mine Operateship Model
Mine Operateship Model

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Adani’s first power plant at Mundra was formed to cater to the Mundra port and SEZ business in 2006. Adani ports was already the largest importer of coal, supplying over 50% of the country’s imported coal needs and at Mundra, managed the world’s largest import coal terminal.


Capitalizing on this foundation, we rapidly scaled up our operations despite no prior experience in power generation. Today, Mundra is the largest private single location coal based power plant in the world. In addition to Mundra in Gujarat, Adani Power has plants at Tiroda in Maharashtra, Kawai in Rajasthan and Udupi in Karnataka.


Being the largest private power producer in India with an installed capacity of 10,480 MW, we are now moving towards our ambitious target of 20,000 MW by 2020 with the help of a world class team of Operations and Maintenance and an expert team of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.


The transmission team of Adani Power was set up to help support the state and central utilities in evacuating power from our plants to benefit the end user. The team ended up creating over 5000 circuit Kilometres of transmission system in less than 3 years – yet another unmatched feat – and went on to become a publicly  listed business shortly afterwards.


The sheer dynamism of the Group has helped Adani Power grow tremendously since its inception as well as incubate successful new businesses.  As a result, the Power business today is one of the largest businesses of the Adani Group.



We shall embrace new ideas and businesses


We shall believe in our employees and other stakeholders


We shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standards of business



Performing with enthusiasm and energy


Consistently achieving goals


Working across functions and businesses to create synergies


Working with commitment in the pursuit of our aims


Seizing new opportunities with initiative

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