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This is our second Sustainability Report. Through this report we wish to highlight our Economic, Social and Environment performance for the FY 2015-16. Our strategy for sustainability includes risk management, knowledge sharing, business processes, integrating management systems and ensuring quality initiatives across our facilities.


The report is developed as per the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Guidelines ‘In Accordance’ Comprehensive option and includes disclosures on our business practices across economic, environmental and social performance. The report content has been guided by Sustainability Context, Stakeholder Inclusiveness, Materiality and Completeness.


This year, we analysed the global megatrends to determine the sustainability context of our power business and in the process identified rapid depletion of natural resources, energy security, waste management and climate change. Based on the megatrends and stakeholder engagement inputs we have also included two new stakeholders i.e. Investors and Customers.


Further, considering the stakeholder inputs, we revisited our material aspects and the aspect boundary within and outside the organisation to map our report with National Voluntary Guidelines (NVG) on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Besides, we are also mapping our report with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and UN Global Compact Principles. Our materiality and management disclosures in this report also address relevant requirements of IFC performance standards for Environment and Social Sustainability and mapped with the same. We shall continue to revisit our materiality time to time and enlarge reporting scope and mapping with other standards and UN Global Compact Principles on issues material to us.

Santosh Kumar Singh Chief Sustainability Officer

Our Business are our green initiatives.



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