Biodiversity has been defined as ‘the variability among living organisms from all sources and the ecological complexes of which they are a part, and includes diversity within species or between species and of ecosystems’.

We recognise the relationship between our business and the ecosystems of the forests, grasslands and mangroves. Positive impacts on biodiversity around our operations are also material to us.

We firmly believe that biodiversity and its related ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands, mangroves and urban areas, provide different services to the society. These services are collectively known as ‘ecosystem services’. We recognize the relationship between ecosystem services and our business sustainability, thereby trying to minimise any negative impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services. We have taken efforts to positively impact the environment and biodiversity around our operations. We undertook large-scale plantations in and around our power plants and office locations. Our focus is on the selection of local and diverse species for such plantations.

In Mundra (Gujarat), mangrove plantation has been done in the coastal areas.

We provided LPG gas connections and one year’s supply of gas cylinders to three villages adjacent to the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary to reduce the collection and usage of firewood from the sanctuary areas.

For our Tiroda power plant, 163.84 Ha of forest land has been diverted, out of which 15.25 Ha land is used for railway siding. For diversion of this forest land, an equal area of non-forest land has been handed over to the forest departmentas compensatory afforestation land in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. This serves as an offset habitat for biodiversity affected due to forest land diversion.

We have also conducted a marine impact assessment study through the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) to scientifically locate the intake and outfall points. Screens and gate filters have been provided at the seawater intake to prevent marine life from entering the system.

Adani Biodiversity Policy

Adani Power-India Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) declaration

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